Configuration for experts

Please have a look at the configuration assistant whose step by step guidance may simplify achieving your purpose.

The backup configuration is split into "Locations" and "Accounts". "Locations" determine how and where email files get saved. "Accounts" manage all email accounts data and establish a link to "Locations" by choosing a location per email folder.

Backup – Locations

By pressing the button "Add" a directory or a ZIP archive is configured for the backup process. This newly created location has to connected to an email folder in the account settings. Otherwise the location will remain inactive.

NOTE: By activating the check box "Substitute placeholder..." all these these special named tokens get replace by email data. This means for example, that even when you put email to the same location they could end up in different named directories or ZIP archives.

Backup – Accounts

At first type in all the specific account data and then press "Refresh" to read the email folders, which have to be prepared for backup.

Set the email folder "Type": The "Type" affect the email file naming. At "Sent" the recipients are put to the file name, at "Received" the sender is used.

Set the email folder "Location": The "location" determine how and where the email is stored.

Search – File associations

Showing search results, MemlBackup tries to open the files with applications installed on your system. Do you like to open the results with different applications you may configure it here based on file extension.