Search - Results

Switching into this view, the search starts immediately. At the first search all configured directories are scanned. Changed or added document are read and stored into the database. At further searches the scanning is not necessary.

During the scanning you may observe messages like “The document cannot be read”. Some files cannot be read due to format incompatibilities and cannot be prepared to be searched.

In this view only 20 hits are shown. Further result are listed by pressing the button “Further documents”. You get back with button “Previous documents”.


Save all selected files to a directory which have to be chosen. Already existing files are not getting overwritten, but get saved with a different file name (added number) if the binary content differs.


In the base configuration, MemlBackup tries to open the files with applications installed on your system. Please make sure you have the proper apps installed, e.g. to read a Word file.
Unfortunately there is no feedback by the system, if the document was opened successfully. Therefore a warning is shown to clarify that fact. Just press to button “Don't show this warning again!” to suppress the warning forever. You can also configure your own applications in the configuration section.