Emails are an important part of our live - and should be a part of our history. A lot of information is often available only via email, sometime even invoices or insurance policies.

Backup and archiving

MemlBackup backup and archives emails to your local computer.

Main emphasis is the usage of free and open file formats, so that the data will be readable in 20 years. By default the emails are saved in EML format and put into a ZIP archive. The EML format is a specific text format and is also definitively readable by a text editor in 20 years.

Search and find

With powerful algorithms your emails are searched recursively inclusive attachments. PDF, Word, Excel and OpenOffice files get indexed besides your email text – also if these files are packed into ZIP archives.

Create your own simple or complex queries with an interface similar to search engines. Use AND and OR clauses, filter for dates and much more...